With Iron Man II coming out tomorrow at mid night I thougt I would talk about a prop that has real world potential. I'm not talking about the Iron Man suit, I'm talking about the Arc Reactor that powers the suit. With oil prices Sky rocketing and reserves diminishing, the world is looking to cheap and renewable power. In 2008 we first saw Tony Stark save him self and power and amazing suit of armor with this little device built in a cave in Afghanistan. inspired by a lager Arc reactor in his plant back home.

What powers this reactor is it a micro particle accelerator , or is it some kind of cold fission. What I do know is that it is perpetual energy. My guess is that it's a Micro Particle accelerator, the way the Arc Reactor looks in the movie is a P.A. the way the magnets are set up the magnets would perpetually push the the particles and creating energy from the the motion, but how practical is an Arc reactor, maybe soon we will see it come from the big screen to powering every thing in our day to day lives.

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